Frigid Coolers

We at Big Bear Coolers create our products with the customer in mind. Each of our different ranges caters to the variety of different types of user out there. With the Frigid Range, we decided to make it into a general purpose product. We mixed and matched our best features and our most popular sizes to create this series. The Frigid Range coolers are available in 3 of our most popular sizes. These coolers are perfect for just about anything you can do with a cooler.

You can use the Frigid Range coolers for:-

Kids day out
Family Gathering
Many more

Like we mentioned before, this cooler is built to be used just about anywhere. We have added three strong hinges in the back to go along with the three fasteners in the front to keep this cooler sealed. Our knuckle guard handles make sure that your knuckles don’t get pinched when carrying. The Frigid Range Cooler has reinforced handles and rubber stops at the bottom, which keeps this cooler from sliding.

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